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About This Course

Drone Building Course Overview:

Our Drones Certification Course is made to advance you from a beginner to a master drone builder. Everything you need to know about designing, constructing, and maintaining drones is covered in this course.

Drone Building Course Key Highlights:
  • Drone Design Fundamentals: Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of drone design, such as materials, frame types, and aerodynamics.
  • Electronics and Components: Understand the different parts of a drone, including the batteries, ESCs, motors, and flight controllers.
  • Assembly and Integration: Gain practical experience putting together drones from the ground up and combining every part to produce a finished product.
  • Programming and Tuning: Learn how to use a variety of software tools to program and tune your drone for maximum performance.
  • Maintenance and Problem-Solving: Develop skills in these areas to keep drones operating smoothly and effectively.
Drone Drone Building Course Modules:

An Overview of Drones:

  • History and Evolution: Explore how drone technology has evolved and how it impacts different industries.
  • Drone Types and Applications: Understand the many drone kinds, such as fixed-wing, hexacopter, and quadcopter, as well as their intended uses.

Aerodynamics and Drone Design

  • Basic Flight Principles: Understand the fundamentals of flight dynamics, including lift, thrust, drag, and weight.
  • Considerations for Aerodynamic Design: Research the factors that influence the performance, manoeuvrability, and stability of drones.

Components and Electronics:

  • Motors and ESCs: Understand how motors and electronic speed controllers (ESCs) work together to propel drones.
  • Flight Controllers and Sensors: Discover the numerous sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS) and flight controllers that regulate drone stability and navigation.
  • Power Systems & Batteries: For the best drone performance, investigate various battery types and power management systems.
Drone Integration and Assembly:
  • Frame Construction: Using materials such as plastic, aluminium, and carbon fibre, construct the drone’s frame.
  • Component Integration: Construct the drone frame by integrating flight controllers, ESCs, motors, and other necessary parts.
  • Techniques for Soldering and Wiring: Develop your soldering and wiring skills to make strong, dependable connections.
Programming and Tuning
  • Overview of Drone Software: Learn knowledge of the software tools used for configuring and programming drones.
  • Calibration and configuration: To ensure accurate and stable flight, calibrate sensors and configure flight controllers.
  • Flight Tuning and Optimization: Adjust the drone’s parameters to maximize its responsiveness and performance.
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Regular Maintenance: To keep the drone operating at its best, carry out routine maintenance.
  • Common Problems and Their Solutions: Identify and resolve common problems that can affect drone performance.
  • Improving Drone Performance: Find out how to improve the functionality of your drone by upgrading its parts.
Drone Pilot Training Course At ACS Training Academy

Our Drone Pilot Training Course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to get a drone pilot certification. The course combines academic expertise with practical flying experience, ensuring that you are well-prepared for a variety of drone piloting scenarios.

Drone Pilot Training Course Key Highlights:
  • Flight Safety and Regulations: Find information about the legal requirements for drone operations in India, as well as aviation safety and drone laws.
  • Flight Mechanics and Control: Understand the fundamentals of flight mechanics and learn effective drone control techniques.
  • GPS and Navigation: Develop your ability to use GPS and navigational technologies to plan and carry out drone missions.
  • Emergency Procedures: Gain the knowledge necessary to manage crises and guarantee the security of drone operations.
  • Practical Flight Training: To improve your piloting skills, take part in practical flight training courses.
Detailed Drone Pilot Training Course Modules

Introduction to Drone Piloting

  • Overview of Drone Applications: Explore various applications of drones in industries such as agriculture, real estate, filmmaking, and more.
  • Career Opportunities in Drone Piloting: Understand the career prospects and opportunities available for certified drone pilots.
Aviation Safety and Rules
  • Aviation Safety Principles: Learn knowledge of the fundamental concepts behind aviation safety as well as recommended procedures for operating drones safely.
  • Understanding Indian Drone Regulations: Study the laws and rules that regulate the usage of drones in India, particularly those set forth by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and how to comply with them.
Flight Control and Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of Flight Dynamics: Understand the concepts of lift, drag, thrust, and weight in flight dynamics.
  • Drone Control Interfaces and Systems: Learn knowledge on how to use different drone control interfaces and systems.
GPS and navigation
  • GPS for Flight Planning: Learn how to use GPS technology for accurate navigation and flight planning.
  • Navigational Methods and Skills: Gain expertise in automated flight paths, route planning, and waypoint navigation.
Procedures for Emergencies:
  • Identifying and Managing Emergencies: Learn the skills necessary to recognize possible emergency scenarios and respond appropriately.
  • Safe Landing Techniques: Use safe landing methods to reduce the possibility of an emergency.

Training for Practical Flight

  • Pre-Flight Inspections and Preparations: To guarantee safe operations, conduct comprehensive pre-flight inspections and preparations.
  • Practical Flight Training: Acquire practical experience piloting drones in a range of situations and environments.
  • Post-Flight Analysis and Debriefing: To improve your piloting skills, evaluate your flight performance and take part in debriefing sessions.
Career Opportunities

Upon completing our Drone Building and Drone Pilot Training Courses, you will be well-equipped to pursue a variety of career paths in the drone industry, including:

  • Drone Engineer
  • UAV Technician
  • Certified Drone Pilot
  • Aerial Photographer
  • Surveying and Mapping Specialist
  • Drone Operations Manager

Our alums have successfully transitioned into roles at leading technology companies, research institutions, and innovative startups, driving the future of drone technology and applications.


Introduction to drones

History of drones

Types of drones

Draft policy guidelines of DGCA for use of drones in civilian applications in India

Do’s and don’ts of drone flying operations

UAS Rules & Regulations

Basic Principles of Flight

Introduction to drone flight operations

Flight planning

No fly zone awareness

Fixed Wing Drones & Aerodynamics

ATC Procedures & Radio Telephony

Multi-rotor Operations & Aerodynamics

Multi rotor drone pre-flight checks

Multi rotor drone inflight checks

Multi rotor drones post-flight checks

Weather & Meteorology

Drone Equipment & Maintenance

Risk Assessment & Analysis

Development of payload feature

Intro to Drone Data & Analysis

Emergency Handling

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